Frequently Asked Questions

Below are questions frequently asked about the refund process and other general points. By clicking on a question you will be shown the answer.

If you are a refund claimant and have a specific query regarding a claim in process then please complete our Customer Contact Form with your details and we will respond to you appropriately.

Claiming a refund

How do I make a refund application?

Go to the website of the company you made your booking with and click on the icon as shown to apply for a refund.

How do I complete the refund claim form?

Once you have clicked on the icon, the EOS Claims Refund Claim Form will appear. There are a number of fields you have to complete in the first box of the Form.

The Claim Reason in the second box has dropdown options. These identify the only Claim Reasons for which you can make a refund application. Once you select a Claim Reason, an explanation of that reason will be shown under "Defined As".

The documents required for you to submit will also be shown.

This documentation has to be submitted to EOS Claims who will then consider and process your refund application.

The Incident Date is also a field you have to complete in the second box.

You must notify your application within 14 days of the Incident which results in your refund application.

The third box also has fields you have to complete. Please note that the cost of your Refund Scheme purchase cannot be reimbursed as part of your refund application.

When you complete the number of tickets, only include the number for which the refund application is being made. For example, if you purchased four tickets and you are claiming for only two tickets, then that is the number that should be included on the Refund Claim Form.

You must always send any unused hard copy ticket(s), a scan of your e-ticket(s), or any wristband(s), etc. to the address shown at the bottom of the Refund Claim Form.

If you planned to pick-up your tickets at the Box Office or elsewhere and do not have them available, please state that in the freeform box you can complete.

For hotel refunds you have to send your booking confirmation form. Only include the room(s) for which the refund application is being made. For example, if you booked two rooms and you are claiming for only one, then that is the number that should be included on the Refund Claim Form. Once you complete all the fields, your total claim amount will automatically be calculated on the Refund Claim Form.

For purchase currency, please use the dropdown box.

A refund payment can only be made in the original purchase currency.

What documents do I need to send?

To consider and process your refund claim, EOS Claims has to receive either by e-mail or in hard copy the documents that have been identified in the Refund Claim Form you complete. These are identified once you click on "Claim Reason".

What if I don't have my supporting documents when I complete the Refund Claim Form?

You can tick the box to confirm that you will be sending your supporting documents later and after initially submitting the Refund Claim Form.

These documents must be received by EOS Claims within 14 days following the date of the acknowledgement e-mail you receive after you submit your Refund Claim Form.

What if I am unable to notify my claim 14 days after the incident?

If this is the case, please click the box in the Refund Claim Form that you were unable to notify the claim and then add additional comments explaining the reasons why.

When do I send the supporting documents?

If you have the documents when you come to submit the Refund Claim Form, then these can be scanned and attached to the Form.

Remember: you have to complete the declaration at the end of the Refund Claim Form.

To submit your claim click on the box.

What happens next?

You will receive an e-mail from EOS Claims confirming your Refund Claim Form has been received.

This starts the 14 day period running for you to submit the required documents if you have not already sent them.

The first e-mail you receive from EOS Claims will include your Unique Reference Number which you must use on any correspondence sent to EOS Claims.

You will receive a second e-mail from EOS Claims identifying the person who will be handling your refund claim and a calculation of your claim.

This e-mail will also include a reconfirmation of the documents that are required for your relevant Claim Reason if you have not already sent them.

If you have not sent your supporting documents then two reminder e-mails will be sent to you within the 14 day period confirming the documentation you have to send and the 14 day expiry date.

Once EOS Claims have all the documents, your refund application can be considered.

How do I know if my refund claim is approved?

If your claim is approved, you will receive an e-mail confirming the amount and that payment will be made to you within 10 working days.

The e-mail will also provide a link to a Payment Instruction Form. This will require your completion and return to An e-mail will then be sent to you confirming successful receipt of the Form.

Once payment has been made, a further e-mail will be sent to you.

What if my Refund Claim is not approved?

If EOS Claims are unable to approve a refund to you, you will receive a detailed e-mail explaining the reason(s).

How do I contact you?

If you need to contact EOS Claims you will find a Customer Contact Form on the website where you made your original purchase. Alternatively, the Customer Contact Form is available on our Contact Us page. There are a number of fields on this form you need to complete.


General questions

Can the money be refunded to my credit card?

Unfortunately not as we do not hold your credit card details.

How long will the refund take?

Once you have completed and submitted the banking details for your claim, an e-mail will be sent to you confirming we have receved the document.

A further e-mail will then be issued once the payment has been made.

Do I have to send my documents via registered post?

No, but you can if you wish.

How will I know you have received my documents?

We endeavour to action your claim within 72 hours if the documentation you have sent is fully complete. If there is any additional documentation required, we shall advise you by e-mail.

Will my tickets be returned if my claim is declined?

If your refund request is for an event in the future, then yes, they will be returned.

I would like to contact someone

Please see the Contact Form which should be on the website of the company from whom you made the original purchase, or you can complete the Customer Contact Form available on our Contact Us page.

I am sending you confidential information so does EOS Claims have a Data Protection Policy?

Yes, EOS Claims is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (number: ZA005969) under the Data Protection Act (1998) which regulates the handling of confidential information. The use of your personal information by us will be in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations. Please see our Privacy Notice on our website for full details.