What we do

Organisations taking bookings for non-refundable accommodation, events, shows, experiences and other services which require payment upfront, either as a deposit or in full, can enhance the customer experience by offering a Refund Programme. This reimburses the customer if they cannot attend due to a specified unforeseen event.

EOS Claims is a specialist refund claim company providing a bespoke solution for the validation, payment and provision of management data of such refund applications. Our services enable organisations to offer their customers a Refund Programme.

We operate a sophisticated cloud-based secure claims system integrated within a bespoke payment process. Our system is easily embedded into an organisation’s on-line systems.

Our online systems and website are protected by a SSL Thawte Certificate providing robust authentication and encryption. This ensures all data, banking or otherwise, is fully secure.

The entire refund validation process is handled and supervised by an experienced claims team and our comprehensive, automated and auditable communication trail ensures that the customer is kept informed throughout all stages of the process.

We work with a global third party payment organisation that also provides worldwide sanction checking and protections for all payments.